In India, unlike any other Asian or European countries, the bondage of Marriage takes place on scrutinizing and Matching the Horoscopes. Medical Science brings the idea of Marriage being matched by considering the blood groups.

But, being an Indian, in particular a Tamilian, had broken the
sentiments of Match making by

1) horoscopes or 2) photograph or 3) by lots being made in front of God

or Goddess and a child being made to pickup a chit to find the willingness
Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches of  the  deity , and  he  has chosen his Life partner by scrutinizing his / her Signature.  

I hace exhibited to the world  of “Graphology”, that it can be believed not
only for Job opportunities, Purchase of House, number of children, choosing the colours for betterment, but is also dependable in the case of Marriage. Normally, predictions are said and forgotten.
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But in my case, since I have started analyse, the 250 types of strokes and predict, rectify and direct them a right path, which are acute,obtuse or right angled,have studied over five lakhs signatures.

Many signatures were analyised,predictions were given to them and those among were is Present Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr. J. Jayalalitha's signature have been analyised and predicted that she will come to power again with full majority.

Dr. C. Natesan,
Late G.K. Moopanar.

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