Dr. Na. Maghudeeswarran  was born  in “Coimbatore”, the Manchester  of  India in Tamilnadu,  the  State situated in the South Eastern region of India. During the school time had the inclination to study art and the shape of alphabets, this leads to study the behavior of a person by way of writing the alphabets.
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When there is a change in our life style, our signature changes vice versa, when our life conditions get altered, our signature automatically changes. Whether, the changes are for good or bad is to be identified and that is possible with a signature.

This particular art of “Graphology”, as is commonly known in these days, was not prevalent at those days when I have started practicing it causally. Without even aware that this art, is called by some name as is known these days as “Graphology”, and started predictions from classmates and schoolmates, who in turn had it told their parents and as usual it was considered as petty thing. But the growing instinct did not drain out, rather it grew doubly.

Cartier Replica At one stage, have found himself involved in this art to that extent had driven me to get Ph.D. From “ Columbo International Open University”, and started the centre of “Graphology Research Centre” at TamilNadu, India.


1. Men's life changes positively with appropriate life style.
2. Spontaneous changes in signature support them to have a flourishing life.
3. Negative strokes in signature can subject men to lots of unpleasant events.
4. Mixed signature will lead to, not only uncertainties, but also non achievement of desired goals.
5. Only the positive strokes in signature award positivity that can help in achieving confidence and optimism in life.


In most women's signatures, their entire name is visible ( except high- ranked women like IAS,IPS and other high level officers) which is a disadvantage.


Horizontal positioned, indecipherable signature for both men and women result in a very successful life


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