DR.NA.Maghudeeswarran explain GRAPHOLOGY subject and signature of Tamilnadu Governor Hon.Shri.SURJITH SINGH BARNALA

Dr.NA.Maghudeeswarran.Ph.D with Tamilnadu State Governor. Hon.Shri.SURJITH SINGH BARNALA

From. Vijay kumar.s.220 w.bell rd, phoenix-85023.a2.u.s.a.
Dear Sir, I met you the year 1997.your signature predictions proved to be nearly 100% correct. all these happened very true.appreciated your signature analysis&prediction.thanks .
yours. s.Vijayakumar.
From Ludovic Catherine, Chez Mr.& Mrs Rocke, No.11, Rue Victor Hugo, 45250 Briane, France
"I was very happy with NA.MAGHUDEESWARRAN exact workship wish him good luck and happiness for the future.   Many more success from many more clients."
Yours. Ludovic Catherine, FRANCE
From Sureshkumar,no:141, 12th east cross road,m.k.b.nagar chennai 600 039.
swiss replica watches after changing my signature as predicted by dr.maghudeswarran,my life is improved a lot my analytical,ability,learning and my personal his prediction i went abroad.i got good job in soft ware company earning good.dr.maghudeeswarran changed my life.iam thankful him.
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From. mathan.p.a.p. 19 / 27 jayaprakasam street,palladam 641664 coimbatore. dt.india.
i met dr.maghudeeswarran the year 1999for my signature analysis from that time till now the prediction which he have gave me with the date and period is happening the exact way.i was very impressed by his genius knowledge and exerience i realised his unique talent of look through the signature
i really appreciate his work.
thank you .
Yours. Mathan.P.A.P. cbe.district.

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